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Create your own style and control everything with Sultan SiteManager. Your logo, atmosphere, texts and links to other places. Create unlimited pages, let your imagination run wild and tell everyone who you are and what you do.

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Recruit consultants 24/7 with forms that provide you with the right information...

Use the turnkey vacancy page to strengthen your group of consultants. Customize your form and ask for exactly the information that is important to you. Receive connection requests directly to your inbox.

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Receive and manage visitor reviews about your consultants...

Visitors are happy to leave a message about how they experienced a conversation with one of the consultations. You decide what and when appears online. Reviews are worth gold for the necessary trust.

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Payment of turnover in the past month every 5th of the month...

It happens once a month. Every 5th of the month. Also on Sundays and public holidays. See at any time of the day what will be deposited on the upcoming 5th.

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Not a day goes by that I am aware that a year ago I made the choice to build my own online team of autism specialists. It feels fantastic to be of service to this target group at times when they no longer know or have doubts about something that happened that day.

Bianca Wolfswinkel,
Runs its consultancy business from Gorinchem, NL

Why should you still have to leave the house to start a conversation with your coach? I was confronted with this question six months ago by a 19-year-old. I immediately had the feeling that she was right and started looking for online coaches. A drama, nothing to be found and if I did find anything it was coaching via Skype. That should be better I thought.

Gerard van Bennekom,
Runs his consultancy business from Antwerp, BE

We are early, but the Corona period has made it clear to us that this will be the future. Homework guidance via video and additionally a teacher live for the questions you did not find an answer to. A challenge in terms of pricing, because budgets are often not generous, but the target group is huge. And we are ready!

Olivia Schrijver,
Runs her consultancy business from Vierhouten, NL

We tried more than 5 other platforms before discovering Sultan. Reliability is key when using these types of platforms. You don't want to end up disconnecting calls endlessly or having an open ticket with no response. We are happy and waiting for the next expansion.

Eric Rijnbeek,
Runs a consultancy business from Veldhoven, NL

We handle about 150 calls a day. On average, a conversation lasts 16 minutes. We look forward to the future. We can already make a living from it and that also applies to some consultants who first offered their services in a hybrid manner and are now increasingly shifting to offering their services completely online.

Willem-Jan de Vries,
Runs a consultancy business from Medemblik, NL
Start now and before you know it you will be leading a successful team

Call and live chat. Attention when you need someone...

It's nice to know that there is someone there when you need them most. Talking is a relief and that is exactly what you have to offer your target group. Whenever a visitor returns for a phone call or chat, you know you've contributed something meaningful to your team. That gives a superior feeling.

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Slick profile pages that visitors love!

With the entire web environment under your control, you also control every profile of every consultant. This way you determine every aspect of the impression your consultants leave to your visitors online.

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Buy and top up credit in an instant

Both i-Deal and Paypal ensure that all your visitors can easily and quickly buy and top up credit at any time. Anyone can do it.

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Start now and before you know it you will be leading a successful team

Real-time dashboard with all data to fully monitor your business...

How are things today? Who's there right now and who's not? How are we doing compared to last month? Just some of the many data that are available to you at any time and in real time. Measuring is knowing.

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Responsive! On the road and still in control

The portal from which you run the business online is fully responsive and can therefore also be controlled completely from your phone. On the road, on holiday, wherever you are in the world. Do you want to change the number of an existing consultant? Only 1 minute on your mobile. No more is needed. You literally and figuratively have everything under control.

What you may not know yet, but should know...

Can I get paid in the interim?

Can I link a 09xx payment number?

Can consultants work from any country?

What does mobile calling out to consultants cost?

Can you customize my website for me?

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It's not easy to start your own consultancy business. There's a lot coming at you and you still have a lot to figure out. So take your time figuring out the Sultan SiteManager. For a one-off €50.00 you have plenty of time and you know whether Sultan can do for you what you have been looking for all this time.

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Start now and before you know it you will be leading a successful team